The Art of looking, part 2

There is something else I’d like to say, in addition to light and position of art work, in conjunction with the art of looking.  Looking at your painting, while some music is being played, hopefully  your favorite kind, it is very likely that at that very moment music will make the painting miraculously speak to you. It is as if something is jumping out of the frame and coming toward you.  Various colors in the painting may suddenly become very brilliant and vibrant to you.  The color and line want to connect with you.

The second matter I want to bring up is that you, as a viewer, must be in the right mood, or in a holistic frame of wellness, in order to appreciate what is presented in the painting that you are looking.  When you have good hearing and vision, you’ll naturally see everything better.  You’ll perceive and appreciate the beauty in the art.

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