The Placement of art works

Often people like to congregate with people of the same kind, and people also tend to put similar kind of objects in the same vicinity. Many artists, when they are asked to place art works for display, tend to line up all the similar art works in one area of wall space. Again and again in various venues I have observed such a tendency.

Many artists know how to draw and paint, and they do produce excellent art, but very few understand the trick involved in the placement of art works. Successful placement  is a matter of both art and science.  Placing two or more similar works together side by side will not enhance the looks of individual pieces. On the contrary, it will lessen the strong quality individual pieces to offer.  Art works of similar subject or color or form will look alike on the wall, and your brain will tell you quickly that you are bored, especially when they have equal strength. Thus those art works will not be appreciated much.  However, if you place art works in such a way that gives some contrast, then individual pieces will receive better appreciation. Thus all pieces will be viewed favorably.  Good contrast achieves good balance. Then you look at the whole gallery, you do feel comfortable.  The exhibition will look very inviting, and individual pieces will receive attention that they deserve.

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