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Unique pancake

Ever since I decided not to eat bread, pasta, pizza, etc. due to my sensitivity to gluten, I have been making 7-flour pancake almost every morning.  In the beginning there were only two or three different ingredients.  Gradually I have discovered and added new flours.  Today I use ground almonds, coconut flour, corn meal, brown rice flour, quinoa flour, ground flaxseeds, and oat flour.  Mixing with them are small amount of sugar, one egg and some soy milk. Depending on my appetite in the morning, I vary the amount of any ingredient to enhance the texture of pancake so that I could taste it differently.  It is  very delicious!   To complete a wholesome breakfast, I add one bowl of fresh salad, one orange, or a glass of freshly prepared fruit juice, and a cup of tea or coffee to the table.