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Two Co-Existing Forces

It seems that we are always facing two kinds of opposing forces in life, whether inside of us or out in the external world. 

I want to do and I’m able to do, yet I cannot because I’m not free.

Nature is so great when it shines and rains at the right time with the right amount, but when hurricane or mud slide occurs, its disaster is so devastating.

Every day in our life, we have to choose between wants and needs, good and bad, yes and no.  For example, there are many exhibition opportunities for me, yes, I want to show, I’m tempted to show. I’ve the desire to show off, how could I deny it?  But, on the other hand, I’m so busy, things get chaotic.  Which show shall I enter?  I have to be selective, then I must decide which painting shall I enter?

Home page

Here is a new way to introduce my home page.  A homepage with variety.  It is not a static one.  You may click on ‘Home’ in the menu, and get to  view a different version. De temps en temps, I’ll be offering some new art from my studio. 

À la prochaine!

Mourning doves

This smart mourning dove found a ready-made nest in one of my perennial pots where twigs are plenty.  First she laid one egg, and next day another.  For the next two weeks she covered her eggs dutifully. No food?  No drink?  When I was wondering about it, I spotted another look-alike dove came to perch on the rail.  He did not make any sound, just waiting and looking.  Then he joined the other, and seconds later she flew away.  At this point I could not tell which is mother and which is father.  Anyway, I have realized that they do take turns to cover their eggs.  So I have learned that both female and male birds perform parental duties.

Doves - Found a nest

Learn something new everyday!

Amazing!  When I was feeling almost desperate, and was approaching some acquaintances to get help, regarding how to remove that annoying “Leave a reply.  You must be logged in to post a comment” I googled it, using a few essential keywords.  Voilà, I found the answer. Quickly I went to my pages, and got rid of those undesirable comments.   I’m so elated!

Welcome to my new site!

Used to write HTML from scratch.  It was too slow.   Much better with WordPress.  Can see the result instantly.  Great deal more to learn though.  Would like to modify my header, but don’t know how to change the font style and size.