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Digital Art

A more suitable term has replaced the too-general term (computer generated). Digital art can be found under the heading of Paintings. Also you’ll find new additions to this category. In my case, the digital art is created with digital brush in oil or other media. Of course, manipulated with the mouse. I like this device because it gives me spontaneous expression and wonderful colors.

Two Co-Existing Forces

It seems that we are always facing two kinds of opposing forces in life, whether inside of us or out in the external world. 

I want to do and I’m able to do, yet I cannot because I’m not free.

Nature is so great when it shines and rains at the right time with the right amount, but when hurricane or mud slide occurs, its disaster is so devastating.

Every day in our life, we have to choose between wants and needs, good and bad, yes and no.  For example, there are many exhibition opportunities for me, yes, I want to show, I’m tempted to show. I’ve the desire to show off, how could I deny it?  But, on the other hand, I’m so busy, things get chaotic.  Which show shall I enter?  I have to be selective, then I must decide which painting shall I enter?

Summary Note

Three shows have recently displayed my oils and watercolors during the months of September and October in these venues: Smithville Mansion Annex Gallery, Center for the Arts in the Southern New Jersey, and Philadelphia Sketch Club.  It is time for me to go back to my studio.